The best value, highest quality, and most user friendly 3D archery target repair foam on the market today!

Welcome to 3D Archery Target Repair Foam

My name is Paul Hunt, Founder and President of 3D Archery Target Repair Foam, an entity of Fly’n H Enterprises LLC. I am a devout archery hunter and 3D shoot competitor using both compound and long bows. I have always had a few 3D targets of my own and hated the fact that I had to spend so much money to replace vitals and whole targets. Over the years I have tried many types of foam material to achieve a high quality repair. In the last few years I have found some that work, but were cumbersome to use and did not produce high quality results. The demand that I have experienced has led me to spend quite some time and money working with a chemist and a chemical company to develop a super high quality and easy to use foam material, which produces the absolute best results time after time and is suitable for field points and broad heads.

Here is a list of the main reasons I brought this product to market:

  • An individual or club can repair a vital for approximately 25%, give or take, of replacement cost and our foam material will outlast OEM. It is extremely self healing, you won’t be able to see a hole after you pull the arrow. Also, arrows pull as easy as out of a Rinehart target!
  • My system for mixing is far easier and faster than others. Our foam material sets up relatively quickly and is easy to trim and shape.
  • I provide a mixing tool for use with a high speed drill, at no charge with your first order, so you the end user are able to mix the foam thoroughly and achieve the absolute best possible results. That, and your satisfaction are my ultimate goal, as well as to save you and your club money. BEST PRICE and HIGHEST VALUE of anything on the market!
  • Customer Service, detailed quality instructions, and when you have questions, we are only a phone call away. You are my customer and that means that I WORK FOR YOU!
  • Note to Customers: NEVER throw anything (targets) away! Even if they are in four pieces, any 3D target can be repaired, however, some may take more material than others. I have repaired thousands of 3D targets and have never come across one that I could not bring back into a good looking reusable target.
  • In addition to target repair foam sales, I offer service and technical support in regards to the repair foam.

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International shipments require additional shipping cost that we cannot completely absorb. We will cover a portion of the shipping, but must charge for the additional costs. We do however, have the ABSOLUTE MOST COST EFFECTIVE way to get your product to you. In most cases, shipments will be insured.

Please be sure to include the following when you contact us for your international shipping quote:
1. Your complete shipping address
2. Country
3. Province State
4. Postal Zip Code
5. Phone number WITH country code
6. Your email address

With all of the requested information above we can then provide you with an accurate quote for the total cost of your order.
PLEASE translate your emails to English.

We offer several container sizes of foam repair material to best suit your individual needs.

We offer DISCOUNTS on BULK orders which then allows for customization of colors if desired. Please call for pricing and freight.

*NOTE: We have taken steps to make sure our 3D Archery Target Repair Foam, is the most forgiving as to storage temperature and shelf life, that is on the market today.

Additional Products and Services

Target Repair Services:

We re-manufacture, repair, restore, and paint 3D archery targets at our facility in North Idaho just outside of Coeur D’Alene. In order to take the hassles out of shipping truck freight to and from our location, we have set up pallet rates with LTL freight companies so we can cost effectively ship and receive your products.

Click on Target Repair Services Price List to view our pricing.

Please know that this is a general guide and that exact pricing/estimates are given at the time of receiving and inspection as well as freight will apply. After targets have been received, a work order/estimate will be generated and e-mailed to you, your club or company for your approval and signature.

Before work is started we require a signed copy of the Work Order Authorization Form, as well as a 50% deposit. When completed and we have been paid in full, your targets will be return shipped immediately.

We have customers in our region (West Coast, Eastern and Central Montana, Southern Idaho, and Oregon) that have used our repair services because they don’t have time to do the necessary repairs themselves and still they have experienced significant savings, including the cost of freight.

Work Shops:

We have, and still do, put on Work Shops for our customers that would like to have more hands-on experience in a supervised environment so they can repair on their own at their location.

Specialty Targets:

We produce some specialty 3D archery targets. Some are new and others are reworked from existing targets.

Example: Elk and Caribou can be turned into Zebras and Parents Revenge, a likeness of a cartoon character.

These are built-to-order if you have an old target and would like to change it please inquire. We can do the work for you, or provide you with materials and help you to do it yourself.

Specialty Target – Zebra


Pop-up Systems: We currently have a pop-up system, this is for sale and we are working on an updated version with the latest technology available.

These systems are a whole lot of fun to shoot and are a great income generator for clubs and ranges. We hope to produce an archery target pop-up system that is very affordable and will help your club/business generate additional income.

In development and coming soon!

Re-manufactured 3D Archery Targets:

We at 3D Archery Target Repair Foam typically have a variety of re-manufactured 3D targets for sale. Items that we take in on trade and fully restore will have OEM and IBO legal scoring rings. Call for more information.

Approximate cost of paint & foam material to repair the above targets:
Big Horn: $125.00
Grizzly: $500.00
Goat: $125.00

This is an example of what you can do with 3D Target Repair Foam.

Used Target Purchases:

We also purchase 3D targets that are lightly used to completely shot out, McKenzie, Delta, Rinehart, Longhorn, and on some occasions, Critter Factory.
If you are a club, range, business, or individual, that has a bone yard or an inventory of 3D targets that you don’t need or can’t use any longer, please give us a call. We can arrange for pick up in regards to shipping and will pay you cash for your 3D targets.


1. Make a complete inventory list of all the 3D targets you wish to sell.
2. Categorize them by manufacture (i.e. McKenzie, Delta, Rinehart, etc.)
3. Animal type (i.e. small white tail deer, mule deer, elk, bison, cougar, beaver, African species, etc.)
4. Relative condition of each said targets (i.e. vital shot into 2 pieces, head and rump okay, and if they are missing feet, ears, antlers, etc.)
5. Have digital pictures (preferably several) of the actual targets.
6. Email this info to Please make sure to include your contact information: Name, Business Name, Day/Night Time Phone, Email Address, and Physical Address where the targets would be picked up for shipment.
7. In addition to shipping, all that is needed for shipping the targets/pieces, is a 4’x4′ pallet crate. Some shippers have size limits, so please be sure to contact us prior to palleting your targets.
8. NOTE: Typically we only purchase whole targets (complete), however, we do have a waiting list for some pieces(heads, rumps, etc.).

Mids and Cores:

In addition to these items we also have McKenzie mids/vitals and Rinehart cores available, at times. They have been repaired with our foam and scoring rings are placed the same as OEM. Check our website or call for availability.

Additional Archery Targets:

We currently have in development, an archery block target suitable for field points and broad heads. They are four sided and could be shot on all 6 sides. As soon as these become available we will post them on 3D Archery Target Repair Foam .com!